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Billy Pegram, is one of the world’s most prolific photographers, and is sought after all over the world. His work ranges from provocative images, to high-end commercial advertising, and other elements of fashion. His creative and innovative style is crisp and clean. While shooting on locations such as Ecuador, Peru, Hawaii, Alaska, and Switzerland, as well as many other regions, his astonishing creations have made him a leader of the pack.

His versatile style in any situation has made his work cutting edge. Having been published in numerous international magazines, he captures exquisite beauty in many avenues of photography. His style has garnered him opportunities in an enormous realm of artistic areas, including modeling agencies, high-end commercial ad campaigns, album/cd covers, sports brands, and even gold mining in Peru. He has an impressive client list, such as, Karrin Rachelle, FILA, Swatch, Stairmaster, Pussycat Dolls, Lord of the Dance, Reebok, Gatorade, and the YMCA Corporation.

Billy, a Pacific Northwest native, lives in Las Vegas. As an artist, producer, and writer, his sixth and newest book, was recently published with Amherst Media Inc., NY.

"I have been shooting for 30+ years as a commercial fashion photographer and have used every brand of lighting equipment on the market, both studio and portable systems. I have always had something in the repair shop plus I had to maintain several back up pieces. At a photo convention, NAB, I was introduced to Photoflex. Since I starting using Photoflex gear; not a single failure that wasn’t caused by wind or a model’s big feet. Photoflex has save me thousands of dollars in repair cost. The durability plus versatility gives me total confidence to use Photoflex products exclusively."

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