Ginny Dixon


Ginny Dixon spent most of the last 30 years making pictures at major newspapers and national and international magazines. She also had the privilege of being a member of two Pulitzer Prize-winning staffs at the Los Angeles Times in 1992 and 1994. Assignments have taken her to many parts of the world chasing beautiful light and stealing moments from interesting people and places.

As of late, her focus has turned more towards charitable causes and making a difference. "The Waiting" is an exhibit featuring children who have been long waiting adoption. Other exhibits include "One in Seven" and "The Raw Beauty Project", images that take a deeper look and change of perspective into such confronting subjects as the scars left from breast cancer and women with disabilities. Ginny is also the Director of Photography at the Miami Ad School in Wynwood and enjoys forwarding the art of photography with some of the most creative geniuses on the planet.

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