Steven Rossi

Srossi 004 Mg 7491

Based in New York City, Steven Rossi has been creating photographs and working as a freelance photographer since 1978. He enjoys the challenges of photographing any subject in any environment and is also involved with teaching photographic techniques.

Whether photographing people, pets, architecture, interior design, wildlife, or nature, Steven chooses Photoflex lighting tools because they allow him to efficiently and successfully paint with light.

“Whether photographing people, animals, architecture, interior design or nature, I choose Photoflex lighting tools because they allow me to efficiently and effectively paint with light. Photoflex products are extremely durable and highly versatile, and they are easy to break down and quite portable. In addition, all of their whites, silvers, and golds, on all of their soft-boxes, umbrellas and reflectors match in color temperature from one product to the next—so the results you are expecting when mixing types of Photoflex lighting tools of similar color are the results you will get."

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