Announcing the New Additions to Light Leaders Team!

New Light Leaders

We received several hundred emails from incredibly talented photographers from around the US and even some from other countries.It was a challenge (a good one!) going through each and every email to find our newest brand ambassadors.We looked at your blogs, websites and social media pages – and the final conclusion? We at Photoflex are thrilled to see how amazing and skilled all of you are! You did not make it easy to pick just a few new Light Leaders.

The newest additions to the Photoflex Light Leader are: Patrick Patton, Joe Edleman, Gregory Neiser, Kris Fulk, Christopher Appoldt, Wil Cohen, Robert Michael, Dusty Wooddell, Dave Koch, Kirk Schlea, Michael Kubeisy, Jorge Parra, Carmine Picarello, and of course previous Photoflex contributor Robert Downs!

Please check out their information and galleries of images on our Light Leaders page. We look forward to them sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for photography in blogs and Light Lessons that will be coming over the course of the year. They join the very talented group of existing Light Leaders who are continuing to create new and educational content for Photoflex to share with you.

We also thank all of you who emailed us about the program. We hope that you will continue to enjoy the Photoflex Light Leader program and the awesome content that we are able to create with these talented photographers.

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