Jay P Morgan: 5 Lighting Setups for Your Home or Office Studio

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Today on the LiteBlog, Jay P Morgan shows us some simple lighting setups for a home or office studio, using affordable lights that cost under $300.

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Jon Haase: Solving food photography challenges with the Photoflex LiteIgloo

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In this article, Jon Haase demonstrates how to take basic food photos using the Phtooflex LiteIgloo.

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George Wilson: Portrait of a Parrot in Black and White


Light Leader George Wilson walks us trough lighting a B&W animal portrait.

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Scott Trees: Photographing Horses with the 5-in1 MultiDisc Reflector

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In this blog post, photographer Scott Tress uses the Photoflex 5-in-1 MultiDisc Reflector for dynamic equestrian portraits.

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Jay P Morgan: Using a Motivated Key Light

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Jay P Morgan: Snoot Basics

Snoot Basics 17

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George Wilson: In Search of the Dynamic Wildlife Image

Figure 1 Blue Darter Dragonfly

Light Leader George Wilson offers his invaluable advice for shooting dynamic wildlife images.

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