George Wilson: Wedding Portraits with the 5-in-1 MultiDisc Reflector

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In this article, Light Leader George Wilson walks us through his creative process for creating a cherished wedding portrait.

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Photoflex Lighting School: New Lessons Every Month!

Lighting Lessons Lite Blog

The Photoflex Lighting School offers over 150 free lighting lessons with new lessons added every month. From portrait and fashion lighting to product and food photography, there is something for everyone.

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Tim Snow: Capturing Athlete Portraits in B&W

Crossfit Thumb

In this new LiteBlog article, Light Leader Tim Snow discusses his creative process for photographing an inspirational athlete in dramatic B&W.

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Interview with Photojournalist Ron Wyatt

Ballet Thumb

In this interview we talk with photojournalist Ron Wyatt about his recent experiences touring with the Moscow Ballet.

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