Behind the Lesson: Working with Blair Bunting

On the Lesson: Ring Flash Effects with the OctoDome: extra small Lesson By Blair Bunting


Photo by Blair Bunting

Blair Bunting is one of those photographers who people just like. You look at his imagery and your immediate reaction is "Wow." The best part about that is that Blair honestly can't figure out why people think he's so awesome. He considers himself just a regular guy, and if you spoke to him you would agree. He is beyond easy-going and just fun to talk to.


Photo by Blair Bunting

When asked if he would do a lesson for Photoflex, Blair was more than excited. He loves Photoflex gear and was more than happy to share his experiences with anyone who wanted to know. While discussing the lesson on the phone with Blair, he would suggest one absolutely awesome idea after the other, and it wasn't long until we had a whole list of ideas we could pull from for the rest of the year.

His debut lesson, which shows how to use the extra small OctoDome as a ring flash, took our product in a direction no one else has ever thought of. We knew that the OctoDome was one of the most versatile products we made, but Blair took it one step further and transformed the whole idea of what an OctoDome could do. I think that is probably the best thing we got out of working with Blair. He thinks far outside what boundaries people tend to put up around themselves. He doesn't block his mind in, rather he just keeps expanding outwards and getting better and better at what he does.

When you go out and shoot, don't be hindered by what you consider to be roadblocks. Don't let personal inhibitions get in the way. Really just let yourself go, and you'll be amazed with what you can do. Blair is just a regular guy who loves what he does. He sees a situation and asks "why don't I try this?" instead of saying "well I can't do it like that because I don't have this."

We look forward to working with Blair in the future and we can't wait to show you guys what he has planned in just the next month. Make sure you check out his blog and follow him on twitter to keep up to date with him and his projects:

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