Behind the Scenes w/ Jay P. Morgan: Break-Away Glass

Jay P. Morgan has been a fan of Photoflex products for years, and his humorous style and fun set pieces make his work stand out in the crowded commercial photography industry.

Recently, Jay P. posted a Behind the Scenes (BTS) video showing several techniques, from how to make break away glass to using said prop in a short scene. Check it out:

After making the video, Jay P. talked to us a little bit about what went into it:

"When we shot our latest video on break-away glass, we used a lot of Photoflex equipment. Not just to light the video clips themselves, but also to light the BTS video as well. I am in love with the Constellation3. We used 2 of them on set as we were shooting and lighting break away glass. One as a back light on the talent and one as a key light for the room as we shot the BTS footage. At you can see the lighting build up for the video clip.

It was a blast making this video. It was fun to make it, break it, and light it. In this video we covered how to make candy glass and then we introduced you to the premier Hollywood product used on set today. We used products made by Alfonso's Breakaway Glass. I first used this stuff out at Universal Studios back lot when we had a cowboy jump through a window pane. It's great stuff and comes molded as bottles, cups and just about anything you could want. We also just started using some great Kessler equipment to make this video.

I have used several sliders and tested countless others but the CineSlider and Shuttle Pod are by far the best. I hope you enjoyed the video!"

What do you think? Is a project like this something you could see yourself taking part in? Sound off in the comments section below.

Special thanks to Jay P. Morgan

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