Boudoir Divas: Shooting in the Caribbean

We had been dreaming up our Caribbean editorial shoot for a LONG time - for at least two years. We finally got the chance to make it happen this past fall, when we traveled to a beautiful island off the coast of Puerto Rico. We had a custom red gown made for the shoot, hired a gorgeous model, brought part of our team with us, and arranged to work with a horseback riding company on the island. We also brought our favorite equipment with us - including the amazing TritonFlash from Photoflex! After all the planning and preparation, it all came together wonderfully, and we had an absolutely magical day.

As business owners who run a high-volume boudoir studio, there are days when we get caught up in the day-to-day realities of running a big studio. So for us, doing photo shoots like this is our way to reconnect with our passion for photography, and to have a creative outlet where we aren't worried about expectations. For shoots like this, it's all about having fun, creating a storyboard, and capturing the beauty that surrounds us. It was a dream come true!

Our photo shoot had two parts to it: the first was in a field, where our model was wearing a more dreamy outfit. We had a lot of fun with this part of the shoot, and got to experience working with a herd of horses - which is not our typical subject. We had some challenges throughout the shoot in working with the horses, as they were quite skittish and didn't like our flash equipment or reflectors. So we had to be a bit creative in working with them.
After the field, we then moved down to the water, where we set up a dream-like scene with our model in a flowing red dress. 

Here are some behind-the-scene shots of the shoot:

We used our TritonFlash mostly at this location and had a lot of fun experimenting and working with it. In addition to the power and quality of light it provides, we absolutely love how light the TritonFlash is - perfect for traveling and doing photo shoots on-location!

Here's a few of the result shots we got from this location.

It truly was an unforgettable day, in which we came away with some beautiful images.

While we were in the Caribbean, we also got to shoot some fabulous clients who traveled there for our "Destination Boudoir" sessions. We had a blast with those women, and made memories that will last a lifetime. We are now starting to offer even more destination shoots - including Las Vegas, Seattle, and Paris, France. For more information, visit our Workshops page.


To learn more about lighting equipment used in this shoot, check out the links below:

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To see more work from the Boudoir Divas, visit their Pro Showcase page.


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