Celebrating Remarkable Women with Disabilities

Raw Beauty

Started in part by our very own Light Leader, Ginny Dixon, The Raw Beauty Project is an innovative arts project that celebrates remarkable women living with disabilities. The goal of this project is to educate the public and help to redefine perceptions of beauty and identity.

The The Raw Beauty Project first began in Miami, Florida in 2006 with 10 photographers and 20 female subjects. It has since grown to include photographers and subjects all over the country with the most recent exhibit scheduled to take place in the Los Angeles area this September.

The project has been a great financial success, with fund raising efforts helping the disabled community in a variety of applications. While the motivation to positively influence society's perception of the disabled is an ongoing effort, The Raw Beauty Project has made a tremendously positive effect on those who have participated on both sides of the camera.

"The Raw Beauty Project put a string of lights around my self-esteem and illuminated it. Even though I may not have become a world renowned performer, being a photographed as model made me feel like I have achieved my dream of being a star!" - Dr. Donna Walton, NYC Model

"Being a part of the Raw Beauty project in 2006 was a life changing experience for me. After working with such talented, beautiful and remarkable women I truly realized the power photography can possess in shaping how we are seen by the world. How we are seen as women, as artists and as individuals. This power has been a driving force for me ever since and I am so grateful to have been included." - Laura Tillinghast, Photographer

This powerful exhibit has resonated with media across the world and has been featured in Oprah Magazine, TODAY.com, Huffington Post and more. As a non-profit organization, The Raw Beauty Project is always in need of support and you can find information on donating to the project here. If you would like to attend the upcoming gala and fundraising event in Pasadena, California on September 17th, tickets can be purchased here.

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