Chromakey Studio Lighting Kit

In response to the ever-increasing demand for chromakey lighting solutions, Photoflex has come up with an ideal base kit for those at any skill level shooting photos or video. The main objective for this type of work is to render a clean, easily removable background so that a different background can be easily dropped in. The Chromakey Studio Lighting Kit makes that process easy, no matter what type of software you may be using.

This kit includes the following equipment:

Two of the StarLite®: medium digital kits are dedicated to illuminating the Chroma Green BackDrop, while the third StarLite®: medium digital kit is intended to be used as a main light, or key light. The StarLite®: small digital kit serves as a fill light to the key light, and both this light and the main light have fabric Grids attached to keep the light directional and off of the background. This helps to keep the light on the background even.

This kit comes with halogen tungsten bulbs, but keep in mind that you can substitute these bulbs with our daylight-balanced 150-watt CFL CoolStar® bulbs, which can be purchased separately and available in either 100-120v or 220-240v. For more info on these bulbs, click HERE.

For optimal lighting results, you can add a small focusable light, such as the Dedolight, to serve as a dynamic hair light. For more information on this light, click HERE.

Featuring the StarLite QL, this lighting fixture is ideal for softbox use and compact enough for easy transport. You can use E-40 base fluorescent or tungsten bulbs (500-watt or 1,000-watt), and even get the SKT adapter to change to the standard E-27 base for 250-watt or lower wattage bulbs.

Below is an overhead diagram of how we recommend this kit be set up. Generally speaking, you should place your main and fill lights no further from your subject than each soft box is wide in diameter. So for example, if your main light has a soft box attached that is 1 meter in diameter, then you should place that box roughly 1 meter away from your subject or closer. For the background lights, it's the same. If each background light is 1 meter in diameter, then you should place that box roughly 1 meter away from the background or closer. Note that the distances illustrated, both in feet and meters, are approximate.

If you have any questions with this setup, please feel free to contact us by either phone or email:

(831) 786-1370

If you have any setups using this kit you'd like to share with us, we'd love to hear from you! Happy shooting!

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