Fashion and Beauty Photography with modified natural light by Jorge Parra

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It makes no sense to talk about the wonders of natural light, as it offers endless possibilities for all types of photography. Sometimes , specially with commercial assignments, you need to get the light more under control, not just relying on what mother nature is offering you in a specific location and time of the day.

This is when the Photoflex reflectors and diffusers play a special role in my arsenal. In order to have my students shoot a model for an editorial-style project, we placed her in a shadow, to have a basic fill light, and then we started adding reflected light ( silver reflectors) both towards the face and the body of the model, bringing a fantastic accent to her features and the dress. The BTS image also shows a student with a plastic mirror ( standard Plexi mirror surface), which I used to place an intense and powerful light accent in the background, as to avoid a dark background, specially knowing the model was wearing a black dress.

The placing of the reflectors has a direct relation with basic studio lighting techniques, and I will explain more in detail when I introduce the “Clock System” for lighting, in a series of posts and videos coming soon!

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