Flickr Monday- August 8

Starting today, every couple of Mondays we will do a search query on Flickr looking for anything with "Photoflex" in the tag, name, or description area. We will then feature our favorites and share them with you.

Want your photos profiled? Make sure to tag Photoflex in the images so we can find them!

"_MG_4235rev" by jdigiorgio

Image found here.

"Front yard glam w/ Tera Patrick. Photoflex 5' Octodome for the main, an umbrella from behind for edge-lighting her body, a reflector mounted on a stand for some front fill opposite the main."

"Swim Team" by Terhunephoto

Image found here.

"3 point lighting, each member shot on white vinyl with overhead small photoflex softbox suspended from boom 3 ft overhead and 1 ft in front of them @ full. two gridded strobes behind at 9:00 and 3:00 @ 1/2. Canon 5d Mkii with 50mm f 1.4 @ f/5 and 4.5 Background shot separately and is a three exposure HDR. Subjects channel masked in PS and composited into the Background."

"I'll be your cigarette. Light me up and get on with it." by claudiaveja

Image found here.

"camera strobe bounced up on camera @ TTL +3 in softbox (LumiQuest Softbox III but I don't recommend it for on camera stobe. It's too heavy and falls down on the lens)

camera strobe in softbox ( Photoflex LiteDome) behind the model @ minimum power

triggered with pocket wizards (FlexTT5)"

"AhHAHhAhAhahahAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!" by Kip Photographie

Image found here.

"Strobist: SB-900 on left, bounced into white umbrella. M @ 1/5. SB-800 bounced into my new 45" Photoflex convertible white/silver umbrella. M @ 1/3.2. CLS trigger. Notice how the silver spreads more evenly the light? Yeah baby."

"Rain II_003" by Dark Blue Studios

Image found here

"Shot on canon 5D Mark II

430ex and 580ex as rim lights, bowens explorer 1500 with 5foot octa camera right as main light"

Nice work everyone! Keep those creative juices flowing. We love seeing what you can produce with our lighting equipment.

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