Flickr Monday- September 12

It's yet another Photoflex Flickr Monday! Woo hoo! If you don't know what Flickr Monday is, it's when we at Photoflex search through Flickr to find our favorite images. We link to the photographer and the image so everyone can see more of their great work.

This week we made sure to pick images that were posted recently. Here are our picks!

Want your photos profiled? Make sure to tag Photoflex in the images so we can find them!

"239-365" by DiegoSalcido

Image found here.


"Dual Canon Speedlite 580 EX II bounced with a Photoflex Silver Umbrella fired wireless with a Canon ST-E2"

"Hello Sichuan Pepper!" by Jonathan Nock the First

Image found here.


"580 EX ii at full power, shot through a photoflex lite dome XS soft box, approximately 2 ft camera left and about even with the subject (pointed down) and a little bit behind as to not contaminate the background."

Set Up Shot:


"Onyx Tempest" by Terhunephoto

Image found here.


"Photoflex large softbox model right for main up 6 feet. two barebulbs left and right with Honyl Grids behind for rim. one photoflex small softbox up on boomstand behind model for hair. Canon 430Ex2 Strobes, canon 40D. Cage rendered in maya, other elements sourced from internet. Room designed in photoshop."

"Tattoo Girl" by

Image found here.


"1 AB 1600 in medium Photoflex strip box with grid shutter 1/200 f/8 ISO 100 Focal 58mm"

Nice work everyone! Keep those creative juices flowing. We love seeing what you can produce with our lighting equipment.

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