Introducing the Photoflex Weekend Challenge


Photo by Vered Koshlano

We at the social networking division of Photoflex love contests. Love em. We started out doing randomized winners for our contests, but that didn't seem to really do what we wanted. We could sense people wanted more. So we morphed them into activity based contests. That still didn't seem quite fair as, at the end of the day, it was still based on luck.

So to kick things up a notch, Photoflex is proud to introduce the Weekend Challenge.

At the end of each week, Photoflex will announce a category and it is up to YOU, the user, to take the photo that best fits with the category.

Through the next week, Photoflex fans will vote for their favorite photo in the Discussions section of the facebook page. The winner of that week will be one of four finalists (one finalist for each week of the month) that will be voted on at the end of the month. The winner of that vote will receive a sweet prize. Very sweet. How sweet?

Well the first grand prize for the month of November is the awesome, amazing, delicious, tantalizing, eye popping, spine tingling, and (did we mention awesome and amazing?) StarLite HD-DSLR Video Kit. Not only is it a pristine choice for lighting video, it also doubles as an amazing still photography key light.

So pay attention! Keep watching the Photoflex facebook! Enter to win! And get your friends to vote for you. Heck. Get your family to vote for you. Full details and rules soon to come.

Go photography.


The Photoflex Social Networking Team

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