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Photographer Kevin Kubota is a contributing lesson writer to and a featured Photoflex Showcase Photographer.



Kevin is a great photographer, but most people know him through his computer software products, seminars and books. His strong passion for sharing knowledge seems to be inexhaustible. The guy is obsessed with explaining techniques, and he does it so well. Just drop by to see his lesson about how to photograph a rock band.

His recently released book, “Kevin Kubota’s Lighting Notebook”, delivers easy-to-follow setups for 101 interesting shots. It’s a roadmap for photographic fun and knowledge.

What spawned his deep motivation to inspire others?

Kevin’s father was an accomplished photographer and is credited with encouraging his son to learn camera and darkroom basics. After high school Kevin made a little income doing small photo jobs, but his big transition into professional work came after being impressed by the photographer (George Carranza) that shot Kubota’s wedding.

Kevin’s other acknowledged mentor was Chuck Shahood, who gave him a job as a photographic assistant. These two photographers, and Kevin’s father, helped to develop Kubota into a mentor for thousands of photo enthusiasts.

There are two elements of Kubota’s work that stand out: Exceptional lighting and precise timing. There are no accidents in his approach. He sets up the composition, lights it meticulously, and then coaxes his subject into action. His results may look spontaneous, but they are a product of intentional planning.

We applaud Kevin Kubota’s photographic talent and willingness to share all his knowledge. We’re grateful to have him as a contributor.








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