Laura Tillinghast: Preview to Holiday Portrait Lesson

Pro Showcase photographer Laura Tillinghast recently produced a lighting lesson with accomanying video, which will be released in early January, 2013. Until then, here are some notes from Laura on the shoot, as well as a few images.

With the holidays swiftly approaching, I wanted to make sure the look of this shoot matched the season. I chose to work with two models and go for a party look with fabulous dresses and great jewelry.

The first step in making this shoot happen was to find a location that would work. Since I wanted to shoot two beauty looks in a short amount of time, I needed to find a studio with plenty of space so that we could have shooting and hair/makeup happening at once. I am lucky to have access to the awesome Zenfolio studio in Menlo Park and this space was the perfect size for this shoot.

Once I had a date set and the studio reserved, the next step was to find models. I work a lot with local modeling agencies, but for this shoot I chose to use the online resource If you are not familiar with this website, it's a free service for photographers, models, makeup artists, and stylists to help network and book gigs with local professionals. I have had a lot of success with this site and this time around I was able to book the lovely Haley Scott and enigmatic Bianca Stoddard.

With two gorgeous models confirmed, I began to look for a makeup and hair artist to complete the team. I asked Marina Berlin if this was a shoot she would be interested in helping with, and luckily for me, she said yes. We were both very inspired by the beautiful models and excited to shoot some beauty looks together.

My assistant Rebecca was on hand to help out and to snap some behind-the-scenes shots during the shoot. She is also great at keeping me on schedule and making sure all goes smoothly.

We had a great shoot and all went as planned. Guy Campbell and his assistant Justin were on set to record the video portion of the lesson. I am not a fan of being on the other side of the camera, but they made the process as easy for me as possible, which I appreciated very much.

Thank you to everyone for a successful shoot!

Stay tuned for the complete lesson with video using the TritonFlash, LiteDome, Drop It Modern backdrop, and PocketWizard Plus III's!

To see more of Laura's work, visit her Pro Showcase page.


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