LowePro Giveaway- The Aftermath

Wow. Seventy six comments on our blog, and fifty five comments on our facebook. Our team giveaway with Lowepro is officially our largest and most well responded to giveaway/event we have ever hosted.


Selecting the winner was done through a random number generator. The blog was considered numbers 1 through 76, while the comments on facebook were taken in chronological order (from first posted to last) and listed as numbers 77 through 131.

The random number generator gave us the following:


Congratulations number 51! Check out our facebook (http://www.facebook.com/photoflex) for more details on the winner.

We got a real kick out of some of the comments. Really loved the enthusiasm with them all, but the ones below made us laugh-


If I won this bag, I would open and look at all the gear I don't have!


If I won this bag then all my gear would travel with me instead of some staying home. That would be awesome!


After winning this Lowepro rolling bag, I'd trash my old Tamrac backpack bag and tell people, "Lowepro is how I roll."


I could finally get rid of the annoying Velocity bag I have, and really get everything in one convenient rolling case for location shoots.


Why do I need this bag? I should have my chiropractor send an x-ray of my spine and the contest would be over! I do regular location portrait sessions where I'm carrying at least three bags. I'm lazy, so instead of making several trips back and forth to the car and then to the location, I just pack myself up like a mule and go. Then Ping! Zing! (these are my back's sound effects). And then I phone the chiropractor, admit my follies and get straightened up to be in shape for my next location session.

So the summary of my long-winded explanation for why I need to win this bag: I'm lazy with a sore back, and really do want to keep working for years to come. This bag would consolidate all of my gear into one fabulously rolling portrait suite - and did I mention that it is awfully stylish-looking, too!


would give it to my girlfriend, so i did not have to carry her gear around any more!


If I win that bag, I could stop imagine the lenses i'd like to buy and simply buy them. I would be happy


If I won the lowepro bag I would travel the world telling everyone how I finally won something!!! Oh and I would def. Tell them that photoflex and lowepro r


the lands! The end.

Thank you all for participating in the giveaway! For those of you who didn't win, keep trying! We will have more chances to win in the future. Keep checking back here, on our facebook, or on our twitter for more giveaways and cool events.

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