Miss Aniela: Fashion Shoot Experiences

Natalie Dybisz, aka Miss Aniela, is an artisit of many talents.  She's a first rate photographer who's impressive on either side of the lens (yes, she's a beautiful model, too).  She's an eloquent writer, orator and conversationalist.  Her image-editing skills are both highly creative and technically masterful.  And possibly best of all, she's an excellent teacher who shares her craft through her workshops in both Europe and the United States, which she holds with her partner, Matthew Lennard. 

Natalie and Matt have just finished editing their behind-the-scenes videos for both the New York workshop in March and the London workshop in April, which you can check out here:







As you can see in the videos, there's a lot of Photoflex lighting gear being used in the shoots.  Natalie and Matt are particularly fond of the new TritonFlash and use it both indoors and out.  For more information, check out the TritonFlash product page.

Natalie and Matt have more workshops scheduled for this year for London, Italy and Los Angeles, but they'll be filling up fast.  Visit their workshop page to see if one works for you.  You won't regret it!




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