NBA Photographer, David Liam Kyle, puts the Photoflex Transpac Dual Kit Case to the test

I have been a professional photographer for over thirty years and carrying around all my equipment is a hassle. I am always looking for ways to lighten the load of my camera gear. I work with photo assistants but I still load the van myself. I would also like to make my photo assistants’ lives easier. I was looking for a new case to handle my light stands along with umbrellas and soft boxes so I picked up the Photoflex Transpac Dual Kit Case. It is a larger than most cases and has excellent quality. Because of its size it probably will not fit in a standard car trunk. It will however easily slide in and out of my van or most SUVs.

The advantage of this case is the wheels and how easily the Transpac rolls. It has a nice balance and the construction is solid from top to bottom. The bottom corners have hard plastic scuff plates for protection which is helpful for general usage and especially when going up and down stairs.

The handles (one on each end) are strong and fit comfortably in your hand which makes it very easy to pull and direct the Transpac through tight spaces.

The red interior is a nice contrast to view your equipment and a Velcro® strip runs the entire inside edge giving you interior design options. Several Velcro® edged dividers are provided to organize your gear. More dividers can be ordered directly from Photoflex. I loaded the basics for this photo shoot and still had plenty of room.

The wheels and small legs on the bottom enable this to stand on end which helps when not in use. The Transpac easily takes up less storage space when standing then my old case that I would lean in the corner or laid on the floor in my office.

My only concern was that one of the zipper handles may sometimes catch on the one corner. I decided to use the other zipper handle and take my time when opening and closing the case which immediately resolved the issue. Overall I am very pleased with the Photoflex Transpac Dual Kit Case and so are my photo assistants.

David Liam Kyle is a nationally recognized photographer who has captured awe-inspiring images of nature, people, news, professional sports, and more in a career spanning over three decades. David has photographed over 700 assignments for Sports Illustrated, covering the action of the NBA, NFL, MLB, PGA, and the NCAA, as well as portraits and feature stories. David is also the official photographer of the Cleveland Cavaliers and has photographed over 1400 NBA games. Check out his website here:

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