New LitePanel Frame Hardware

For over 28 years, Photoflex has brought innovative, high quality and affordably priced lighting equipment to both the photography and film industries. From lights to soft boxes to reflectors to rolling cases, our products are designed by photographers for photographers.

But our success is something we don’t take for granted. At Photoflex, we are continually analyzing and fine-tuning our products, as well as incorporating feedback from our working pros and customers when designing new products.

One of our latest gems, the new LitePanel Hardware, ties in beautifully with both a product we’ve been producing for nearly two decades -- the LitePanel Frame -- as well as another product we’ve just released -- the LiteReach Plus. The folks at Shutterbug have taken notice and you can check out their review of this new product here:

Shutterbug Review of New LitePanel Hardware

The new LitePanel Hardware opens up a whole range of lighting possibilities that simply weren’t possible before. Be sure to stay tuned for some upcoming lessons and videos featuring this great new product!

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