Noel del Pilar- Tutorial on Indoor Lighting

Photoflex Pro Noel del Pilar is well known for his exceptional wedding photography in Puerto Rico and South America. Not only is he highly sought after as a wedding photographer, but he is also in high demand for workshops and demonstrations.

To help a broader base of photographers, Noel has started making videos highlighting some of his techniques. Below, Noel describes how to get great indoor photographs with a simple lighting setup using the OctoDome: extra small.

For those of you who don't speak Spanish...

"To get great results, a technique photographers use involves capturing ambient light and mixing it with flash lighting. For indoor lighting, a high ISO, slow shutter speed, and an open aperture at f/1.4 or 1.8 is ideal. The point of this video is so I can show you how to get a uniform color using flash lighting that you mix with ambient light without having your colors contaminated, and in an easier way than adjusting color in post production software.

I am using a flash adapter, portable flash, sync cable, a Pocket Wizard, and the Photoflex OctoDome: extra small.

The secret of balanced lighting is to use a gel (orange/full CTO) taped to the flash to cast the same color lighting as the church, reception, or wherever you may find yourself on location. Remember to set your camera to white balance and choose the tungsten option (or 3200 K). If you want better results, you can use a soft box (for example, I'm using the OctoDome extra small from Photoflex with double diffusion, my personal favorite). With a soft box, your portable flash will cast soft studio light even when you are not in your studio."

For more on Noel del Pilar, visit his website at, his Photoflex Pro Showcase Page, or find him on facebook.

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