Photoflex Lighting School: New Lessons Every Month!

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The Photoflex Lighting School offers over 150 free lighting lessons with new lessons added every month. From portrait and fashion lighting to product and food photography, there is something for everyone.

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Tim Snow: Capturing Athlete Portraits in B&W

Crossfit Thumb

In this new LiteBlog article, Light Leader Tim Snow discusses his creative process for photographing an inspirational athlete in dramatic B&W.

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Interview with Photojournalist Ron Wyatt

Ballet Thumb

In this interview we talk with photojournalist Ron Wyatt about his recent experiences touring with the Moscow Ballet.

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David Liam Kyle: Photographing Waterfalls for that Painterly Feel

Dlk Falls Thumb

Light Leader David Liam Kyle shares some simple tips for photographing waterfalls. From the equipment needed to the best way to get started, this article will give you the confidence to capture some beautiful images.

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The Importance of Lighting in Videography

Video Thumb

To make great videos, it's important to understand various elements such as framing, setting the mood, light, sound, motion, color, etc. Each of these elements play an important role during the creation of a video, and by carefully combining them, videographers can tell a story to their audience.

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Scott Stulberg: Capturing beautiful bellies

Photo 1

In this article, Light Leader Scott Stulberg shares his many different images and ideas on how he captures beautiful belly images in many different ways.

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George Wilson: Top Crop for Headshots

Carissaa 64

Light Leader George Wilson shares his tips for top cropping professional headshots.

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Matt Beard: Shooting an Album Cover for an Up and Coming Recording Artist

10 Haley 015

Light Leader Matt Beard shares his workflow and lighting strategies for photographing up and coming recording artist Haley Horsager.

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George Wilson: Lighting a Car with the New OctoDome White

Gw Car

In this article, Light Leader George Wilson tries out the new OctoDome White: Medium soft box (5ft) to light a car on-location.

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Benjamin Edwards: Humanitarian Travel Gear

Be33075 1200X801

Light Leader Benjamin Edwards shares his tips and tricks for lighting on-location as well as strategies for giving back to your community.

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