Photoflex Featured Pros Pt. 2- August 2011


The second featured Photoflex Professional Photographer for the month of August is high dynamic range and composite master Joel Grimes.


Joel Grimes is one of the most sought after professional photographers in the world. For over 26 years Joel has worked for many of the top advertising agencies across the globe for clients such as AARP, Abbott Labs, Arizona Office of Tourism, AT&T, Febreze, Goldman Sachs, Hewlett Packard, Hyatt, Qwest, Sony, Sturm Ruger & Co, Visa, Volvo, and most recently Red Bull. Over the years his assignments have taken him to every state across the USA and to over fifty countries around the globe. His style is extremely popular and has caught the attention of many amateur and professional photographers. Best form of flattery, right?


From an early age, Joel had a fascination with drawing and sculpting. He was continually crafting and making things with his hands. It wasn't until high school that he discovered photography, but from that moment on he was a photographer. Graduating with a degree in Photography from the University of Arizona, Joel's all-consuming passion for photography continued to grow.

Recently, Joel continues to push himself as a photographer by evolving his own style as well as passing on what he has learned through his wildly successful workshops. Packed to the rafters and sold out every time, Joel teaches his attendees his photographic philosophy and the mindset that has made him one of the world's most successful photographic visionaries.

"My hope and encouragement for those who are seeking to move their photographic skills to the next level, is to look past the technical nuts and bolts and evaluate the process of image making from a creative esthetic perspective. The best photographs work because they communicate an emotion, a memory, future hopes or dreams, etc., not f/stops, shutter speeds, focal lengths, or lighting ratios. Once you get past the technical, take a look around and will see the endless opportunities of creative expression. This is the essence of photography."

Driven by the creative process, Joel views himself as an illusionist, creating portraits larger than life. “There is no face on the planet that is the same, and it is my vision to capture that individual uniqueness through the creative photographic process.”


When he isn't traveling the world shooting, Joel spends time with his wife and four children between his homes in Tuscon, Arizona and Los Angeles, California.

Check out his Showcase on (Pro Showcase: Joel Grimes) and also view the other featured pros for August at the main Photoflex Pro Showcase page.

Joel's Favorite Lighting Equipment:

Large (7 foot) OctoDome

All photos copyright Joel Grimes.

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