Photoflex Featured Pros Pt. 3- August 2011


The third and final featured Photoflex Professional Photographer for the month of August is commercial portrait photographer and international jet setter Ian Spanier.


Ian Spanierwas born in Connecticut, but raised in Westchester, New York. Spanier's interest in photography began at age six when his parents gave him his first camera. His work has received numerous awards from major photo competitions and the design community and is even featured on display in New York art museums, but conversely can also be found on posters and billboards across America.

Ian started as an editor, but always seemed to find photography coming back to him. He decided to relent to the draws of the camera and eventually went into photography full time. He considers himself a follower of the "old school" style photography, something you would find with artists such as Avadon or Penn. Ian sees these photographs as "guys who really shot what they saw. One day they do portraits, one day fashion, another day still life." He doesn't want to limit himself to shooting the same thing, and simply shoot what he sees.



Though he photographs many famous celebrities, Ian approaches his photography with the same attitude regardless of who he puts in front of his lens: they are all people. Show them some respect, and they shall return it.


Currently he resides in New York, and is available for assignment in New York, California, and any other location accessible by plane, train, car, horse, camel, or mule.


Check out Ian's showcase on (Pro Showcase: Ian Spanier) and also view the other featured pros for August at the main Photoflex Pro Showcase page.

Ian's Favorite Lighting Equipment

Octodome: extra small

The TritonFlash

All photos copyright Ian Spanier.

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