Photoflex Lighting School: Announcing Three Exciting New Lighting Lessons

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We are excited to announce three shiny new lighting lessons from three of our most prolific Light Leaders. From classic lighting in B&W to shooting dramtic portraits on location, we have a lot for you to learn with these brand new lessons.

Destination wedding images are dramtic by design. In this lighting lesson that includes a bonus video, wedding photographer Noel Del Pilar illustrates how to change the mood of an image by competing with the strong light of the sun to create memorable portraits.

In this lighting lesson with bonus video, Light Leader Ian Spanier demonstrates when and how to use negative fill to "pop" a subject out from a wihte background.

Sometimes a lighting technique draws influence from the great painters of the Renaissance era. In this B&W lesson, Light Leader George Wilson uses a single light source to create a very simple full length image based upon the theories of the visionary painter and inventor Leonardo DaVinci.

Check out more quality lighting lessons at our Photoflex Lighting School website. With almost 200 lessons avaiable, there's something there for every photographer.

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