Photoflex Pro Photographer- Ian Spanier

Nothing makes Photoflex more proud than when professional photographers openly tell us that they prefer Photoflex lighting modifiers when they are selecting their photography arsenal. Whether on location or in the studio, time and again pros will call us, write us, or email us how happy they are that a company like Photoflex exists. The quality of the products translates into their beautiful imagery, and they are grateful for it.

To honor them and thank them for their words of praise, we are going to spread the word as loud as we can shout it to let the world know that the pros that use Photoflex are some of the best photographers out there. But don't just listen to our words, rather take a look at some of the art they craft every day.

Who is up first? None other than Ian Spanier.

Photoflex Pro Photographer- Ian Spanier


Ian Spanier began taking photographs at six years old when his parents gave him his first point and shoot camera. After majoring in photography in college, Spanier worked in publishing as an editor, but making pictures never left him. Having only known 35mm, he taught himself medium and large format as well as lighting.

Spanier’s work has won numerous awards and accolades from the photographic community for his commercial work. Clients include: Conde Nast Traveler, Field & Stream, Muscle & Fitness, Marie Claire, Time Out NY, Psychology Today, The New York Times, Los Angeles Magazine, and AirTran’s Go Magazine among many others. His most current work can be seen at


Perfectly capturing the realm of the kitchen and the chaos/calm dichotomy that it entails, Ian puts Bobby Flay in the heart of what it means to be a chef.

The original masters of photography have always inspired Spanier as they shot what they saw. For him, there is no “one” subject that he photographs; he also chooses to shoot what he sees.


George Eads, one of the stars of the hit show CSI: Las Vegas, as seen through Ian's lens.

Recently, Ian photographed for the magazine "Epilepsy Advocate" under pretty tight budget constraints. Using portable and light-weight photo gear, Ian was able to not only create stunning imagery (while fighting weather and negotiating with art directors) but also do so with Photoflex equipment that was small, portable, and most importantly, cost effective. Ian has shared this experience with the public with a recent lesson posted now on

Currently, Spanier lives with his wife and two sons in New York.


From Tim Tebow, to a mother named Heather who fights with epilepsy every day, every subject is given new life through Ian's clever crafting of light.

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