Photokina 2012

Photokina 2012 marks Photoflex's biggest tradeshow presence ever! The 6-day event gave us a great turnout and we were able to meet with photographers, distributors and enthusiasts from all over the world and talk shop through to the wee hours of the night.  It's the biggest photography trade show in the world, a tour-de-force so big that it can only happen once every two years.  

Below are some shots from our booth, where we displayed our product line and held live shooting demos with models using various lighting kits.  Pro Showcase photographer Jade Hannah from Sweden shot in the booth with us, as well as Trevor Sherwin, Andre Kurtz and Ben Clay.  And as with every live demo we do in our trade show booths, we encouraged and assisted attendees to join in with the shooting.  

Stay tuned for a lighting lesson we'll be putting together from the shoots we did over the course of the show!


The same attendee above can be seen among the crowd here.

Pro Showcase Photographer Jade Hannah demonstrates the features and benefits of the Photoflex TritonFlash portable strobe. She traveled from Sweden to work with us at the show.

Jade Hannah, who specializes in fashion, shooting with the Photoflex StarFlash 150 Kit.

Horst Proschka, seen above here with our model, walked the show with different outfits every day.  You can find him on Facebook!

The booth was continually packed with attendees eager to photograph the models.  Here, we made it easy for everyone to shoot at the same time, since we were using the Photoflex StarLite continuous lighting kits.  (When we shot with strobe lighting, people would line up to take turns using the wireless trigger.) 

Our model jumps in the air to help demonstrate the incredibly short flash duration of the Photoflex TritonFlash.

A partial view of the booth just before the doors opened the first day.

The 2012 Photokina crew from left to right: Andre Kurtz, Ben Clay, Sharon Reeves, Jade Hannah, Johnny Kurtz, Ray Bojorquez, Peter Stochay, Trevor Sherwin, and Alex Fuentes.

Stay tuned for imagery and footage from Photokina 2012!


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