Power of Light in Scotts Valley with Craig Dale

Hard to believe that this gorgeous portrait was made by an emerging photographer on her first try with studio lighting. But that is exactly what Deborah Hayes did at the Photoflex® Power of Light workshop, on June 15th in Scotts Valley, California. Deborah and 28 other participants learned the building blocks of photographic lighting from pro photographer Craig Wallace Dale.

The workshop began with Craig explaining the basic vocabulary of light (brightness, direction, contrast, color, and the specular diffuse range), and ended with students moving into the three shooting situations and creating dynamic pictures with gorgeous light that they created. Along the way the participants learned how to tame natural light using simple tools like LiteDisc® and LitePanel®.  They then took that knowledge and learned how to apply it to studio lighting situations to create rich vibrant and natural light just like the pros.

The whole premise of Photoflex's Power of Light is to show students that lighting doesn't have to be rocket science. In actuality it's truly just a set of decisions about the hardness, direction, color, and contrast of light. Truly lighting is about finding your creativity and then selecting the proper tool to bring your imagination to life!

Many thanks to all the people that assisted Photoflex in making the workshop such a success.  Assisting Craig were Devi Pride (Santa Cruz Weekly 2013 Golden Award, First Place Portrait Photographer) and Steve Kurtz of Bay Photo Labs, who are established photographers from the Santa Cruz area.  Sean Woodward and Norm Haughey of Team Photoflex handled all the logistics with the Photoflex equipment, no small feat since there were three full lighting set-ups.  Additionally Photoflex provided three models, Sonia Gill, Nicole Ashton Nangui and Autumn Skye Robertson, and had a small crew handling hair, wardrobe and make-up.  Thank you, Allyson Marsh, Jamie McGivney.

To close the day, Jerry Burke was our winner for the FlexFlash™ Strobe.  Congratulations Jerry.

Perhaps next time we’ll see you at the next Power of Light seminar.  Until then, Control The Power.
Team Photoflex.

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