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If you read our post last week on our Featured Pro: Scott Stulberg, hearing that Scott still considers himself a student won't be news to you. Though he is a popular and well respected teacher and workshop leader himself, Scott still goes out of his way to attend workshops. His philosophy has him always learning and improving, and that is what keeps Scott's images continually relevant and gorgeous.

Recently he attended one of Joel Grimes' workshops (a fellow Photoflex Pro)in southern California. Scott was so psyched about the techniques he learned from Joel that he couldn't wait to tell as many people as he could about his experience. We asked Joel and Scott if we could share a little bit of what you would learn from Joel's workshop, and they both happily agreed.

Joel's style is all about light control with big, soft, controlled light sources. In the following examples, he and Scott use two lighting setups to create some really distinct and breathtaking imagery.


Figure 1

Joel's most well known and most recognized for this first lighting arrangement which uses a 7 foot OctoDome as a key light and two medium LiteDomes (or MultiDomes) with grids as rim lights. This particular setup evenly lights the sides of the subject in such a way that makes them pop and is particularlyconduciveto HDR post production. [figure 1]

Here is a result from this setup and the model shown in figure 1, but with a different outfit. [figure 2]


Figure 2


Figure 3

Using the same lighting setup, Joel switched out his female model for an athletic male model. What is interesting to note is that this particular setup can work for both a male and female, even from the same camera angle. Sometimes you may find that you will want to light males differently from females, but this lighting arrangement from Joel takes exception to that. [figure 3]

Figure 4 shows the result from figure 3, but also with a stripped in background and HDR effects. With the subject stripped out of the white, you can really notice the nice, dramatic edge lighting that is achieved using the LiteDome and grid combination.


Figure 4

As he has developed new styles and improved on old techniques, Joel has found that sometimes he likes to use three 7 foot OctoDomes. He will set one boomed slightly above his camera like in his previous setup, but this time instead of LiteDome rectangular soft boxes with grids he uses two more 7 foot OctoDome soft boxes as rim/side lights [figure 5]. This bathes the subject in beautiful, even light.


Figure 5

We can see in figure 6 the position of the camera in relation to all three light sources, and the result of this setup in figures 7, 8, and 9.


Figure 6


Figure 7


Figure 8


Figure 9

The position and size of the three light sources makes for a stunning high key effect, and it is something you can do in your home or studio. To learn the post production secrets that make these images really pop, check Joel's blog and workshop page for times and locations near you.

Photos and setup shots by Scott Stulberg

All images art directed by Joel Grimes

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