Scott Uchida: Images of a Rock Star

I always jump at the opportunity to take portraits of Andy Biersack from the Black Veil Brides. He is an absolute pro and basically the definition of a “rockstar”.

I got a call from Andy about doing a quick shoot for his Signature Revelation sunglasses made by Initium Eyewear. However, I was on tour with Slash at the time so I informed him that I would be home in 4 weeks and could do it then. He agreed to wait and the two of us would come up with a concept together. Knowing that he wanted something that represented him, I choose Runyon Canyon for the location since it overlooks Los Angeles and the Hollywood sign is in the background.

Two days after I got back in to LA, I gave Andy a call to see if he had 30 minutes on a Thursday to shoot. I pitched him the location and plan and he agreed. Prior to calling him, my trusty assistant Wes Anderson and I scouted a couple of spots in Runyon Canyon based upon the “magic hour" (golden hour). For the lighting I planned to use a Photoflex Triton portble strobe and a small OctoDome with a boom arm. Since the day was somewhat cloudy, the Triton strobe provided mainly fill on the subject to give some pop (separation from the background). My camera settings were f 6.3 at 1/200 and the Triton strobe was set on ½ power, angled about 11 o’clock.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Scott Uchida spends most of his time shooting some of the biggest rock bands in the world. From iconic Slash and Duff McKagan (Guns and Roses, Velvet Revolver), to Andy Biersack and the Black Veil Brides, Scott is known for his no-nonsense approach to photography and for being particularly fast. His work has appeared in various artists’ record packaging, domestic and international print ads, and various magazine covers. See more of his work here:

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