Shape, Line, Texture

This weekend's photo challenge is "Shape, Line, Texture."

Remember the rules...

2)Entries must be submitted to the Photoflex Weekend Challenge Flickr Group Pool. If you can't access the Flickr group (for whatever reason) feel free to post your entry on the Photoflex facebook Just make sure both your entry and your setup shot are posted.

3) One final entry per entrant. If an entrant enters more than one final image, all images will be discarded and the entrant disqualified until only one final image remains for submission.

4) Along with the actual entry, each entrant is required to submit a single "set-up shot" which shows how the image was produced (this rule may be discarded in the case of video entries for video themes). This rule is to assure that the image is not being plagiarized. It will also allow the users to see how you can achieve certain photographic situations.

5) Though you must be over 18 years of age to be eligible to win, that does not necessarily entail that certain photographic subjects will be considered acceptable for the entire over-18 age group. Those who submit images depicting nudity, foul language, and any pornographic subject matter out of both the facebook and the Flickr accounts will be disqualified. Implied nude is acceptable.

7) Weekly winners will be chosen by the Photoflex Social Networking Team. Monthly winners will be chosen by previous monthly winner (with the exception of the first month, where the Photoflex Team will select the winner).

8) Voicing opinions of which photograph you personally like is not only allowed, but encouraged! There will be a specific discussion thread for each week and each monthly contest


We require that you use some sort of lighting control. That can be anything from foam core to a softbox to a reflector to a piece of tin foil. It doesn't matter. Just bend the light to your will.

Post any questions or comments here or on the facebook. We'll do our best to answer them before the weekend hits.

Now go! Go and create!


The Photoflex Social Networking Team

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