Shutterbug Features the LiteDome Wireless Kits

We at Photoflex work our hardest to bring you the best quality photographic gear on the planet. We love our work and what we make, and we love it even more when our customers are happy with what we produce. That is why we at Photoflex have a page dedicated to user reviews that we find called the Review Center.


Recently Photoflex's popular LiteDome wireless kits were featured on the cover of the popular photography magazine Shutterbug. Reviewer Joe Farace had this to say about the economical and portable kit-

"The StarFire/FlashFire/LiteDome kit is an inexpensive yet full featured and rugged lighting kit that's a great way for new photographers to experiment with lighting and learn how to make portraits using minimum equipment. And it won't break your piggy bank."

To read his full article, pick up a September 2011 issue of Shutterbug.

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