The TritonFlash™ Lithium Strobe


Photoflex® Inc. of Watsonville, CA. announces the release of its new high-powered TritonFlash™ lithium ion battery powered strobe kit. The TritonFlash™ is designed for the professional demands of events, sports, portraiture, architecture, editorial and other applications where photographers require powerful output without AC power. INCLUDES AN EXTRA LITHIUM ION BATTERY FOR A LIMITED TIME!

With300 watt/seconds of power (guide number of 185 at ISO 200) and up to 750 full power flashes on a single charge, the TritonFlash™ operates in the power range of studio strobes, enabling photographers to shoot large setups in bright sun without the need for AC power. The lightweight battery pack (22 ounces / 623 grams) will power two TritonFlash™ heads simultaneously. Fast recycle mode allows bursts of up to 7 shots per second for capturing fast action at weddings, sporting events, or for scientific purposes.

The kit includes several essential accessories that enable photographers to complete location and studio assignments without additional purchases: Extra small OctoDome® SoftBox with connector, second lithium battery, FlashFire® wireless kit for cable-free strobe firing, and international battery charger (100~240 volt AC).


Small enough to take anywhere, strong enough to support any modifier (shown HalfDome®: medium, OctoDome®: Large- 7 foot).


• Newest Lithium Ion battery technology for fast recycling and long life

• Built-in optical slave sensor

• Up to 750 flashes at full power on a single charge

• Superfast mode for bursts up to 7 frames per second

• 19 power settings with accurate 1/3 stop increments

• Includes two batteries. Quick change design for fast battery swapping

• Powerful output of guide number 185 – suitable for large groups in full sun

• Battery pack will power two TritonFlash™ heads simultaneously

• Very short flash duration for stopping action, even on full power

• Modeling light with ten-second auto shut off for maximizing battery life

• Comes with robust all metal swivel for supporting umbrellas and large SoftBoxes

• Can be operated worldwide on AC power (100~240 volts)

• Will operate on AC power and recharge battery at the same time

• Digital readout on backlit screen can be easily read in bright or dark environments

Kit contents:

1 - TritonFlash™ head

1 - Power module with connections for two TritonFlash™ heads

1 - FlashFire® wireless kit for cable-free flash firing

2 - Lithium ion batteries

1 - Carrying case for power pack with shoulder strap

1 - Battery cable (4 feet/1.2 meters)

1 - Battery extension cable (9.8 feet/3 meters)

1 - AC powered international battery charger (100~240 volts)

1 - AC power cord for battery charger

1 - AC plug adaptor for European use

1 - Seven inch reflector accessory

1 - Swivel stand mount (all metal)

1 - Flash tube protector cap

1 - Extra small OctoDome® SoftBox in carry bag

1 - SoftBox connector (OctoConnector®)

1 - Hot shoe sync cable for direct connection to camera

Fullinformation, including pricing, will be available on on February 21.

See the product's worldwidedebutat WPPI in Las Vegas on February 21, 2010, booth 1675. Jaron, Norm, and Renee will be present to answer any of your questions and to show you how the product works and all of its amazing features.

Can't make the show? Post your questions below, on our facebook at, or on our Twitter at

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