The TritonFlash™ On Location Video Lesson

We all know that the photography industry is not onlyconsiderably impacted, but it is getting harder and harder to make your imagery stand out in such acompetitiveindustry. It's the goal of Photoflex® to give you the tools to get out there and make something original. With the TritonFlash™, the world is your studio. Light anywhere quick, easy, and with any light modifier available for strobes- namely all Photoflex® LiteDome®, OctoDome®, and HalfDome® softboxes.

The video above showcases Michael's imagination and the versatility of Photoflex equipment. To read the detailed written lessons which include all camera settings, graphs of lighting setups, and fullexplanationof lighting, please visit:

For part 1:

For part 2:

Michael Corsentino has vision. He also loves to teach. That's your cue to take advantage of the situation! Photoflex will be interviewing Michael Corsentino with any and all of your questions that you post below, on Twitter, and on facebook over the next week. Ask him anything about his business, his strategy, anything (just keep it tasteful). We will post the video interview with all of his answers so that you can learn from his mistakes and his successes.

You want to be a better photographer? This is the first step. Sound off in the comments section below.

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