The TritonFlash™ System- Available Worldwide


Used by pros all over the world such as Miss Aniela, Kevin Kubota, Ian Spanier, Michael Corsentino, and Paul Markow, the battery powered TritonFlash is now more versatile then ever. The TritonFlash comes with a metal swivel capable of supporting heavier lighting modifiers such as the Photoflex 7 foot OctoDome,deliversthe power of a studio strobe and is portable enough to use anywhere. With all individual components available separately,the TritonFlash is a global force to bereckonedwith.

"The TritonFlash is a great light-weight solution to your lighting needs. At 300w/s per head, the TritonFlash gives you over twice the power of Quantum Flashes and with Photoflex's accessories, the light can be used in any of their boxes, and the light's own reflector is an option as well. I used the flashes in a similar setting to which I would have used far bigger and heavier lighting and achieved fantastic results. In this day and age of excess baggage charges and limited budgets, the TritonFlash circumvents the need for large flash units. Its quick flash duration and recycle times are a huge plus for any action setting, while its easy-to-use control dial allows for simple 1/3 stop variations with the turn of one dial."

-Ian Spanier

"The size of the unit- how small and light it is- and the fast firing rate sold me. None of my other battery strobes can do what the TritonFlash can do."

-Paul Markow

Visit your local Photoflex dealer and try out the TritonFlash for yourself. You won't be disappointed. With accolades piling up from the world's hottest shooters and rave reviews pouring in, you can't ignore the best new portable flash unit on the market.

Photoflex is... a world of possibilities.

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