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Photoflex® is proud of and stands 100% behind all of its products. Its why we have unmatched warranties, outstanding customer service, and hundreds of free resources.

With so many options for portable strobes out there, why should you choose Photoflex ®? Maybe you should know a few things about the TritonFlash™ that may surprise you...


The Photoflex®TritonFlash™ is the most advanced Lithium Ion portable strobe available. Built to the high standards of Photoflex®, the TritonFlash™ is unique and unmatched by any other battery strobe on the market.

The TritonFlash™ delivers where others fall short:

  • Sturdy, adjustable swivel mount track and connecting hardware is vastly superior to any other portable strobe, enabling users to mount the largest strobe softboxes with ease. No other battery strobe in its class can say that.
  • With more than double the power settings of the competition, the TritonFlash™has 19 super-accurate settings to match any lighting situation.
  • Color temperature is more accurate and stable across all 19 power settings than other battery strobes in its class.
  • The TritonFlash™ recycles 20% faster than the nearest competitor, making it the fastest battery strobe in its class.
  • The TritonFlash™ can power two strobe heads on one battery and fire them both at full power or articulated individually at any proportional power. The competition either cuts your power in half per head or doesn’t even allow this option.
  • The TritonFlash™ has a more efficient heat dissipating flash tube design, a contributing factor to its ability to fire up to 7 frames per second.
  • The TritonFlash™ includes a free extra battery module (a $349.00 value) at no extra cost and a long-range wireless trigger and receiver and softbox included in the kit.

When you compare the TritonFlash™ to the competition, there is no comparison.


It’s faster, stronger, more accurate, and comes included with the unmatched warranty that is the Photoflex® guarantee.

See why TritonFlash is the photographer’s best option for mobile remote lighting at Photoflex.com.

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