Weekend Challenge November 13-14 Winner: connieg1

This past weekend (November 13-14), the challenge was "Shape, Line, and Texture." We received several entries, but only a handful were able to be judged- Many of you did not follow the rules!

For the future remember, you must submit a setup shot and a final image in order to be considered. You also can't submit more than one picture (at least not at this time).

All that aside. we did find ourselves a winner who the Social Networking Team and our photographers decided followed the theme the best, as well as used some pretty snazzy lighting and photographic technique. This week's winner was connieg1:


Though some of us had a few problems with the picture (such as the two starfish in the background having similar shape and structure as well as the immense amount of white space above the subject), we eventually decided that of the entries, it was the best composed and best lit of the images that really stuck with the theme.


Nice use of reflector!

What we loved was when we saw this image, the first thing we looked at was the deep texture of the foreground starfish, the shape of the subjects, and the lines that made up the image that kept drawing us back in.

Connieg1 is now a semi-finalist who will be judged at the end of the month and will have an opportunity to win a StarLite®HD/DSLR Video Kit.

Good luck to the rest of you this coming week! The next theme will be announced later in the week. Get out there and show us what you can do.


The Photoflex Social Networking Team

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