Win a Photoflex Octodome: nxt extra small Prize Pack!

Hey everyone!

To those of you who took part in our January giveaway on facebook, thank you! We will draw our winner tomorrow andannouncehim or her via facebook and Twitter.

This month we wanted to keep the prize train rolling with yet another amazing giveaway. We know that our facebook giveaway was sweet, but we can't just repeat what we did last month. That's not very exciting. Instead, we upped the ante on our giveaway for February:


Double the lighting, double the possibilities- all wireless!

If you are a follower of Photoflex on Twitter, you are instantly entered to win this fantastic prize pack. Just like with out facebook giveaway, it doesn't matter how long you have been a fan- 10 minutes, 10 seconds, 10 months, it's all the same.

The first stage of this kit was recently reviewed quite positively here, in case you are interested.

To make sure everyone knows how to win, we've put together this elaborate instruction sheet:

Step 1: Go to our Twitter page

Step 2: Become a follower

Step 3: Be ready to win when we draw on March 1, 2011.

So are you ready to be a winner? Of course you are. So get yourself over to our Twitter page ( and follow the action. It's a win-win situation really. Followers get up-to-date news on specials, giveaways, news breaks, and tidbits of information from the Social Networking Team that are exclusive to Twitter.

We love giveaways, and we're sure you do too.

Good luck!

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