WPPI Wrapup

Thank you all who stopped by and took a look at what we had to offer. The new TritonFlash™ was extremely well received. Here are what some people are saying:


Photoflex® Pro Michael Corsentino during a TritonFlash™ demonstration.

"This isdefinitelyan upgrade. Easily does the work of six speedlights."

-Mike Maez, mikemaez.com

"This is a game changer for my lighting."

-Blair Bunting, blairbunting.com

"When it comes to rock solid dependability, bullet proof build, lightweight portability, cracking recycle times and killer quality of light, nobody beats the PhotoFlex® TritonFlash™."

-Michael Corsentino, corsentinophotography.com

Here are some of the features that stole the show:

-Up to two heads per battery without cutting total output in half. That means with two heads side by side, you can get up to 600 w/s of power out of one battery pack.

-Incredible flash duration at its mid power settings of 1/3200 of a second

-Will shoot 7 frames per second in Fast Processing mode.

-At full power, each battery will shoot 750 pops. At lower settings, you can fire thousands of times before the battery would need to be recharged.

View the full post to see some images from the show. Thanks again for coming everyone!


A shot of our aisle before the doors opened on day two.


Photoflex Pro Greg Sargent demonstrating a two light TritonFlashsetup.


A wider angle of Greg Sargent's presentation.


Jaron, Billy Pegram, and Renee working with customers.


Pro Michael Corsentino getting a little higher up during his presentation.


Michael speaking to the crowd about the benefits of mobile lighting, both in and out of the studio.

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