ZoomStreet Magazine Product Review

This past weekend an email graced my inbox that put a smile on my face: ZoomStreet Magazine gave us quite a nice review for our LiteDome®: extra small location kit!

Here is what they had to say:

"Photoflex® is offering strobists their kit of kits- a bundle of joy for globe-jogging shooters. It's called the Location Kit, but it's really several kits rolled into one. If you've ever suffered a mid-light crisis on location- (Damn, if I'd only packed a..." or "If I only had a..." or "How the hell can I..?")- this kit has you covered. It enables you to hit the road fully armed while traveling light...


First off, there's the StarFire™ Digital Flash. I should point out that I'm a Nikon flash guy, although I'm open-minded enough to slave a few Nissin Di899s. So I consider myself pretty much covered in the flash department, from pricey to reasonable models. One look at the StarFire's control panel and I was struck by its sheer simplicity. What, no LCD screen? Just three modes? Should be a no-brainer.

When I powered on the unit and saw the output level indicator light up, I knew this baby had potential. There's a Plus and Minus button for easily adjusting output: Test, Mode, On/Off buttons. No complex menus, no tricky finger contortions necessary here, just set and fire...

The LiteReach is a snap to hold with one hand while you shoot with the other. But what do you do when you want softer light? Why you simply attach an Extra Small Photoflex® LiteDome® which is also part this amazing bundle."

ZoomStreet also gave the product the first Street Smart award of 2011! Read their full review at zoomstreet.org.

We love our products, and we are glad to see others do as well. Thank you ZoomStreet Magazine!

Have you tried the LiteDome®location kit? Let us know how you feel in the comments section below. You can view the kit at: Photoflex.com or view our new products here.

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