MultiDisc Kit 42"

Product Details

Our 42" MultiDisc® Kit includes our five most popular reflector fabrics in one convenient system: gold, soft gold, silver, white and translucent. This kit also includes our compact disc holder and a LiteStand: Medium. Reflector surfaces are smooth and flat for consistent, even reflections. 

The versatility of the MultiDisc makes it a tremendous tool for photography, video and/or film production.

Warranty: 5 years

Colors Include:

  • Translucent Diffuses light and produces a broad light source and soft effect
  • White - Reflects light with very natural results
  • Matte Silver - Increases specular highlights and creates a brighter fill effect than white reflection
  • Gold Produces a strong warming effect. Ideal for using with natural light during the "golden hour"
  • Soft Gold Combines both silver and gold in a zigzag pattern to create a slight warming effect. Great for use in open shade
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