ProDuty™ BackDrop Support Kit

Product Details

The Photoflex ProDuty™ BackDrop Support Kit includes a BackDrop Pole, two  LiteStands: Large, and a rugged carry bag to hold the whole kit. Shoot with confidence with this strong, stable outfit.

The BackDrop Pole is a single-unit with telescoping sections that constructs easily. The Pole stores collapsed at 4'7 " and extends to 12' 6".

Each LiteStand extends to 12' high. The extra height afforded with these stands means you can shoot your model from a low angle without seeing the top of the backdrop in your shot. These are exceptionally sturdy stands with a maximum load rating of 40 pounds. The "flip-top" design of the brass post adds versatility for multiple uses in your studio.

Warranty: 5 years