RapiDome - Collapsible Softbox for Speedlights

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RapiDome - Collapsible Softbox for Speedlights

The new Photoflex RapiDome is a complete all-in-one system that's perfect for on-location photography.

Constructed of aluminum the RapiDome is lightweight yet maintains durability. Travel easy with the umbrella style system that allows on-the-go photographers to quickly open and close the unit, while the shallow depth offers use in tight or small spaces. The cold shoe bracket is height-adjustable and rotatable which allows it to be compatible with nearly all shoe mounted flashes. The included silver beauty dish style deflector is designed to reduce the hot spot, providing even lighting output from edge to edge. Gain even more control of your speedlight with our eggcrate grid for more dramatic portrait photography. The look of the lighting can be instantly changed by changing the combination of the diffusion panel, deflector dish and grid. It all fits in the durable carry case with shoulder strap for simple transportation and storage.

The Photoflex Rapidome has the versatility photographers need and the portability they require.

Product Details

Speedlight Modifier- The RapiDome light modifier has a Quick-collapse frame that sets up in seconds giving you the professional results that you are looking for. 

Beauty Dish-Style Lighting-  The included deflector plate minimizes hot spots and creates stunning and dramatic beauty dish style lighting.

Speedlight Bracket-  The RapiDome's tilting speedlight bracket has customizable height and depth adjustments.  By mounting your speedlight to the outer cold shoe of the softbox, you can rapidly get to controls and keep the pathway to your IR (or infrared remote) clear of obstructions. 

Diffusion Fabric and Soft Egg Crate Grid- The soft egg crate grid keeps the softness of the softbox but pushes the light in one direction to create dramatic looking photos.

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