Shoemount Extra Small LiteDome® Basic Kit

Product Details

This kit goes beyond quick handheld shooting applications by including our multi-clamp for easy mounting onto any 5/8 inch stud such as the top of LiteStands and LiteReach™ Plus.

The LiteDome® extra small kit can also be mounted onto a camera flash bracket to immediately step up from the amateur look of harsh on-camera snapshots to soft broad-source lit photographs. The improvement is striking. (Depending on bracket style, you may not need to use the included MultiClamp for this application.) 

The Extra Small LiteDome® Basic Kit comes with:

  • LiteDome®: Extra Small SoftBox
  • Basic Connector
  • Adjustable Shoemount hardware
  • Shoemount multi-clamp

Note: Flash/speed lights not included


LiteDome®: Extra Small 10 years

LiteStand 5 years

Hardware 5 years