TransPac™ Single Kit Case

Product Details

The TransPac™ Single Kit Case features a single “uni-molded” wheel assembly (vs. separate molded corner pieces). These wheel assemblies have improved tolerances on the wheel wells for added durability and strength. When cases are loaded down with equipment and the wheels are under a lot of stress, the uni-molded design keeps wheels in perfect alignment while bearing maximum loads. Replaceable, non-marking inline skate wheels are mounted with stainless steel axles.

All TransPac™ wheeled cases have also been fitted with the best high-impact polymer molded handles to provide dependable lifting and towing. 

Airline transport rating: As is the industry standard for these types of cases, TransPacs are not ATA (Air Transport Association) rated. However, use for air travel is acceptable with common and prudent packing practices.

Warranty: 5 Years

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