Video Connector for Altman Arri, K5600, LTM, Mole Richardson, Strand

Product Details

Video Connector VC-B900A fits:

  • Altman 1000W studio fresnel, 2000W studio fresnel, 1200W HMI fresnel
  • Arri 1000W Studio Fresnel, 2000W Fresnel, Compact HMI 1200W
  • K5600 Joker 1200
  • LTM Luxarc 575, Cinepar 1200, Pro 575
  • Mole Richardson 1200 Fresnel (6251), 2000 (4281), Baby 2000 (4131)
  • Strand Sirio 575W, 1000W, New 575 Par, Bambino 2K, 1200W

Warranty: 5 Years

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