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Lighting for Panoramic Interiors


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Greg writes:


I love the lighting lessons on your site!!!  I have a question about lighting that I couldn’t seem to find in any of the lessons and am now wondering if I may have just missed it…  I’m going to be shooting vertical 30-degree overlapping pictures using a panoramic head indoors for stitching and creating virtual tours.  What would be the best source of lighting to illuminate the sections of wall and ceiling?  Would I have to put a soft box on each side just out of frame?  Should these be tall & narrow or what?  Or should I use umbrellas & strobes?  I just need to make the lighting extremely even everywhere in the room.  The rooms will vary in size.  Anywhere from 14x12 feet to 40x30 feet. Thanks for any input!


Ben writes:

Hello Greg,

Thank you for your interest in PhotoflexLightingSchool!  For this type of architectural/panorama stitch shooting, I would recommend using a Medium WhiteDome soft box with a single strobe placed on a LiteStand directly above your camera.  The WhiteDome has diffusion material on all sides, which will project light in all directions and will illuminate the room evenly without entering the frame. You may need to spin the box on the stand as you spin the camera to get maximum light output in each direction. You may also want to aim the front face of the soft box upward at the ceiling (if it is white) to help bounce light throughout the room. See diagram attached.



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