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Photographing Clothing


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Mikael writes:


I’ve started up a webshop that showcases clothes for children. Do you have a lesson that could tell me how to take pictures of the clothes? 

Ben writes:

Hello Mikael,

We do have a lesson on photographing clothing entailed, “Shooting Apparel In The Studio” and you can view it here:


In addition to the approach demonstrated in this lesson of laying the clothes on an a surface parallel to the ground and shooting overhead, here are some alternate approaches to shooting clothing:

1. Pinning the clothes to a vertical board and shooting head-on.  This is similar to what’s demonstrated in the lesson and is a common set-up for professionals.  Keep in mind, however, that this type of setup can be a challenge, due to the effects of gravity on the clothing, even for the most experienced stylist.  You will not, however, need a studio stand in this situation.

2. Having a model wear the clothes.  In many cases, this is a more effective way of illustrating how the clothes fit.  If you get a good model who knows how to best pose for the garment, your results will be that much better.  It is also recommended to use a clothing stylist and a hair/make-up person on board for professional results.

3. Placing the clothes on a mannequin.  This may be the least expensive method for photographing clothes effectively.  Once you’ve acquired a mannequin, you may be able to style the clothes yourself, and there may not be a need for a clothing stylist, and certainly not a hair/makeup person.

Finally, keep in mind that your lighting approaches will greatly determine the quality of your shots.  Make sure to review this lesson, as well as others in the Product / Still Life section of PhotoflexLightingSchool.com