Field Portrait with LitePanels

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Simple light modifications can make a big difference in the quality of outdoor portraits. Using only sunlight and some well placed reflectors, you can achieve good results without using expensive lighting gear.

Topics Covered:

  • Modifying sunlight for outdoor portraits

Our first shot was taken in a field using only sunlight to light our model. The highlights are a little bright and the direct sunlight is causing our model to squint a bit.

We set up a 77″x77″ LitePanel frame with translucent fabric to diffuse the sunlight. The frame was secured to two LiteStands with Main & T Clamps.

The LitePanel frame can be adjusted to allow the light to fall on the subject properly.

This shows the same set up from another angle.

The lighting ratio is much better now. The highlights are under control and the shadows are a little softer.

We used a 39″x72″ LitePanel with our soft gold fabric to reflect sunlight back into our model.

The reflector has given us a nice rim light to add some definition to our shot. Notice how her hair and arm are better separated from the background. The soft gold reflector has also made the hair warmer in tone.

We added a 39″x39″ LitePanel to reflect light into the front of our model.

The result is an even brighter, richer light falling on our model.

Our final result shows lighting that is soft, warm, and well balanced.

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